Movie Trailers 2023-Furious 7, Berlin

Movie Trailers 2023-Furious 7, Berlin

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1-Furious 7 Legacy Trailer Bids Paul Walker Farewell

In preparation for the release of the Fast X trailer on February 10, the Fast & Furious YouTube account has been taking fans down memory lane. They honour Furious 7 today as the series’ most poignant movie.

The major characters in 2015’s Furious 7 are getting back to their regular lives when Deckard Shaw, played by Jason Statham, once again puts them in jeopardy.

The most recent book in the series, which is based on characters created by Gary Scott Thompson, follows the family from London to Tokyo, Central America to Edinburgh, and from a hidden bunker in Azerbaijan to the bustling streets of Tbilisi.

2-A Money Heist Spin-Release Off’s Date is Announced in the Berlin Teaser Trailer

For the upcoming Money Heist spin-off starring Pedro Alonso in his fan-favorite role as the titular crafty thief, Netflix has released a brand-new Berlin teaser trailer. In December 2023, the prequel is expected to make its premiere.

Berlin is shown preparing his upcoming heist in the 52-second clip as he creates a diorama of the bank he wants to rob. It also hinted at the probable introduction of a mysterious woman who might be crucial to his objectives.

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