New Transaction Fees and Limits for HDFC Bank Credit Card Users

New Transaction Fees and Limits for HDFC Bank Credit Card Users

HDFC Bank has decided to impose a 1% fee on rent payments made through its credit cards and has set limits on fuel and utility transactions. These changes will be effective from August 1. Currently, the use of credit cards has increased, offering cashback deals. HDFC Bank, a leading private bank in credit card issuance … Read more

Rs 10 Lakh Insurance Coverage: How to Claim in Case of a Train Accident

Rs 10 Lakh Insurance Coverage

IRCTC Travel Insurance offers coverage up to Rs 10 lakh through Liberty General Insurance, Royal Sundaram General Insurance, or United India Insurance companies. Key Points: Train Accidents and Insurance: Despite technological advancements, train accidents in India still occur, resulting in fatalities and critical injuries. Personal accident insurance can provide financial assistance in such incidents. If … Read more

Gautam Adani Earnings: ₹46 Crores per Hour, ₹1.27 Lakhs per Second

Gautam Adani Earnings: Adani’s Wealth Soars Post-Hindenburg Report Gautam Adani Earnings: After the Hindenburg Research report, Gautam Adani’s wealth, which had fallen significantly, rebounded at a remarkable pace as conditions improved. Gautam Adani Net Worth: Gautam Adani, the Chairman of the Adani Group, turned 62 on Monday, June 24, 2024. The past year has been … Read more

Global Central Banks Ramp Up Gold Purchases – Prices to Surge Further

Global Central Banks Ramp Up Gold Purchases

Gold Reserves: According to the World Gold Council report, 81% of central banks have announced plans to continuously increase their gold reserves. Gold Price: Gold prices are making it difficult for the common man, with the likelihood of further increases in the coming days. The reason for this is that central banks worldwide are scrambling … Read more

IRDAI Issues New Guidelines for ULIP and Insurance Product Ads

IRDAI Issues New Guidelines for ULIP

IRDAI’s Directive on ULIP Advertisements: The Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India (IRDAI) has issued a master circular on June 19, mandating that insurance companies cease advertising Unit Linked Insurance Plans (ULIPs) as investment products. This directive emphasizes that ULIPs, which are linked to the stock market, cannot guarantee fixed returns. IRDAI’s circular explicitly … Read more

Fuel Taxes: Government Earnings from Petrol and Diesel

Fuel Taxes

Budget 2024-25: Telangana imposes the highest VAT on petrol at 35%, followed by Andhra Pradesh at 31%. Fuel Taxes: Taxes on Petrol and Diesel: In Modi 3.0 government, Hardeep Singh Puri has once again been given the responsibility of the Central Petroleum Department. This has led to speculation about bringing petroleum products under the GST … Read more

Nvidia Overtakes Apple and Microsoft: Now Becomes World’s Most Valuable Company

Nvidia Overtakes Apple and Microsoft

World’s Biggest Company: Due to the strong global demand for artificial intelligence, Nvidia shares have been surging at an extraordinary pace over the past few months. Most Valuable Company In The World: The American chip manufacturing company Nvidia has made history with a historic rally in its shares over the past few months. Nvidia’s shares … Read more

IRDAI Implements New Measures to Enhance Life Insurance Accessibility


IRDAI’s New Directives Aim to Improve Life Insurance Policy Benefits In an effort to make life insurance policies more accessible to policyholders, the Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India (IRDAI) has implemented several changes to the regulations. The IRDAI has issued new directives requiring insurance companies to offer mandatory loans on life insurance savings … Read more

Nexgen Energia Introduces Affordable EV Scooter

Nexgen Energia Introduces Affordable EV Scooter

Sunil Shetty Unveils Nexgen Energia’s Electric Scooter: A Game Changer for Urban Mobility Nexgen Energia, an e-mobility company based in Noida, launched an affordable electric scooter on Thursday, with prices starting at INR 36,990. The scooter was unveiled by businessman-actor Sunil Shetty on Wednesday, targeting primarily the middle-class population in India. Nexgen Energia’s experts emphasize … Read more

Ensure Minimum Deposits in Savings Schemes by March 31

Savings Schemes

Key Changes: Ensure Minimum Deposits in Savings Schemes Are You Making a Deposit? Penalty if Not Deposited by March 31! For the current financial year 2023-24, you have the option to choose a new tax regime for paying your taxes. If you opt for the new tax regime, while also having paid taxes under the … Read more

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