Beauty Trends Around the World

Beauty Trends Around the World

The old saying goes, beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. However, what happens when that beholder is located somewhere else around the globe? Each culture has unique beauty ideals that are imbued with its history, customs, and society. Shall we commence our expedition into varying global beauty ideals around the globe?

Historical Context
Ancient Beauty Standards
Various tribes such as the Padaung from Myanmar and the henna designs in India have used such unique traits to define their understanding of beauty. Take for instance how Cleopatra wore her iconic eyeliner in ancient Egypt just to keep away from the scorching desert sun.

An illustration depicting Cleopatra in her iconic eyeliner, set against the backdrop of the Egyptian desert

Evolution Through the Ages
Fashion changed with as empires grew and crumbled. Pale skin was a mark of the wealthy during the Renaissance in Europe. Flash forward to the modern times when having tanned skin was the in thing. Funny how things change, right?

Current Global Beauty Trends
South Korea
Land of K-pop and K-dramas. Ten steps-skincare routines and such products as the BB creams are today at the top of the world’s beauty industry hierarchy led by south Korea. What about the famous glass skin trend? There are many people with flawless, dewy skin around here.

Subtlety is the order of the day in Japan. Imagine soft, pink cheeks, and lips. Have you been told about the “straight across” bangs as well? It’s a signature Japanese trend!

Bold and vibrant! For a Nigerian, beauty is just a matter of being noticed by all. It is all about adorning oneself with the rich culture and traditions through colourful gele head wraps as well intricate braided hairstyles.

South Africa
South Africa’s beauty fashions go from the daring tribal face paint worn by the Xhosa to the ultra-modern sophisticated looks seen on the streets of Johannesburg today.

Modern global beauty trends come alive in a photo collage. It portrays:

One of these people is a South Korean who showcases the popular glass skin.
The typical, Japanese, straight across bangs with very soft pinky cheeks.
A stunning Nigerian lady dressed in a beautiful gele and stunning plaits.
One is an individual with the typical tribal face painting of a South African.
A French lady radiating class while using modest make-up highlighted by a brilliant red lipstick.
A beautiful Italian lady with bronze complexion and wavy locks of hair.

Less is more in France. As for the French they like their looks as is with an emphasis of only a brilliant red lipstick or the good old smoking eye. Ooh la la!

Italians are obsessed with their skin’s radiance. Italian beauty standard implies sun-kissed skin, long hair, and overall Mediterranean gracefulness.

Impact of social media
The trendsetters of beauty are no longer local as they become more visible with the likes of Instagram and TikTok. Within the span of a day, an idea that emanates from the corner of the globe can infect the entire planet. It is nonetheless important to realize that though it is entertaining to try out, real beauty is found after feeling comfortable with oneself.

Future Predictions
In light of growing globalization and cultural exchanges such phenomenon is likely to be witnessed in beauty standards from various geographic regions. Furthermore, there is an increasing drive towards green beauty in this age of consumerism, where there is more focus on sustainability.

Beauty is not a static concept. It keeps changing and it is subjective. It’s interesting to see what different beauty standards are but also keep in mind that everyone is an original. Be your own type of beautiful and radiate that confidence!


1-What influenced ancient beauty standards?

These include societal norms, climatic factors, and religion which greatly influenced ancient beauty standards or norms.

2-What influence has globalization had on beauty trends?

Currently, globalization has brought about the merger of beauty norms; whereby styles and techniques applied in one geographical area influence that in others.

3-Do Beauty Standards Have Universality?

Although such characteristics as bright and smooth skin or symmetric face may belong to universally recognized criteria of beauty, beauty standards significantly differ between cultures.

4-How does one keep abreast of transforming beauty?

Keeping up with what they follow such as beauty influencers, magazines, and also maintaining active accounts on social media platforms can be helpful for one in this regard.

5-In regard to beauty, why is self-acceptance essential?

As different people have varying opinions about what constitutes beauty and it’s just a matter of your perception of yourself. The most appealing characteristic after all is confidence which comes from self-acceptance.


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