iQoo 12 Pro BMW M Motorsport Edition: Everything We Know So Far

iQoo 12 Pro BMW M Motorsport Edition: Everything We Know So Far

The smartphone industry remains dynamic as companies strive for creativity in design, technology and innovation. iQOO 12 series is the latest one and set to unveil on November 7th. But what sets it apart? Let’s dive in.

Introduction-iQoo 12 Pro BMW M Motorsport Edition

One can clearly feel this anticipation in regards to the upcoming release of a regular and pro variant within the iQOO 12 range. Some of the details surrounding those phones have been revealed but many others are still wrapped up in hearsays and rumor mills. But one thing’s for sure: this special version of the iQoo 12 Pro BMW M Motorsport edition has already been buzzing around the community.

Design Details Revealed

Color and Aesthetic

One of the iQoo officials released a Weibo post recently and left many fans in anticipation of the coming BMW M Motorsport edition of the iQoo 12 Pro. Pictured in pristine white, the phone boasts subtle stripes in the iconic BMW colors: blue, black, and red. Dainty motorsport elegance is depicted in these stripes in the bottom left hand side of the rear panel.

Camera Configuration

However, it is not only about the looks with iQoo 12 Pro. There is an inscription on the camera island that indicates that the zooms may approach a hundred times. There is a slightly risen rectangular module with rounded off sides, which contains three rear camera units. Another addition to the styling in the rear is a vertically-located LED flash unit outside the camera island.

Camera Capabilities

Zooming Capabilities

The iQoo 12 Pro is ideal for any photography lover. The phone has other specifications that go beyond the 100x zoom of the periscope telephoto lens. But that’s not all.

Sensor Specifications

The second tipper, Digital Chat station, alludes to a 64 megapixels OmniVision OV64B sensor. It’s also known to include coupled tele-photow lens with up to 3x optical and 100x digital zoom. There also would be the main OmniVision OV50H and Samsung ISOCELL JN1 sensors of the phone. A 15 mm ultrawide lens may also be included.

Power and Performance

Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 SoC

The under the hood of the iQoo 12 series is confirmed to be powered by the latest Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 SoC. The release of the iQoo 12 5G model in India was teased by iQoo India CEO Nipun Marya which further piqued the interest.

Gaming Graphics and Display

The iQoo 12 is meant for the players in order to blow them away. The upcoming phone models are expected to be equipped with Samsung E7 AMOLED screens and super clear 2K resolutions, thus providing advanced game graphics. Think about how you would play PUBGM Mobile, PUBG New State, Genesin Impct or League of Legends Mobile with a smooth pace of 144 frames per second. Sounds dreamy, right?

Battery Insights

Base iQoo 12 Battery

A strong 4,880 mAh battery powers the base iQOO 12. In addition, it comes on board with 120W wired fast changing thus solving battery problems.

iQoo 12 Pro Battery

However, its Pro is in a line to beat its brother. Rumor has it that they will equip it with battery slightly smaller than 4980mAh and will double the wired fast charging up to 120W.

Conclusion on iQoo 12 Pro BMW M Motorsport Edition

The iQoo 12 series especially, the Pro’s BMW M Motorsport one is getting to be a mixture of style, power and creativity. With every day that passes the technology market awaits anxiously for the product’s ability in meeting the hype.

Frequently Asked Questions on iQoo 12 Pro BMW M Motorsport Edition

1-When will the iQoo 12 series be released?

The company is set to unveil the iQoo 12 series on 7th November.

2-What makes IQOO 12 Pro special is its BMW M Motorsport variant.

The edition features BMW colors over a white background and a camera that is able to magnify up to 100x.

3-What is the type of a sensor used in iQoo 12 Pro?

It is expected to posses the 64 megapixel Omnivision OV64B sensor, and so on.

4-What sort of show can we anticipate from the iQoo 12 series?

It is anticipated that such phones could have a Samsung E7 AMOLED screen with a 2k resolution.

5-How much power do the base iQoo 12 and iQoo 12 Pro batteries hold?

The base iQOO 12 could be fitted with the 4,880mAh while the Pro should have 4,980mAh.

DISCLAIMER on iQoo 12 Pro BMW M Motorsport Edition

The information provided in the article titled “iQoo 12 Pro BMW M Motorsport Edition: As the date, everything about “Everything we know so far” relies on the public domain, gossip and conjecture.

We have tried to make our information as accurate and as comprehensive as possible but may not be all up to date. This article has no link whatsoever to the brand iQoo, or any other connected business. Product names, logos, and brands belong respectively to their respective owners.

This article cannot be depended upon in any way by the readers, who are solely responsible for their use of this information. In no event shall be the author, or publisher, be liable for any decision made in relation to the subject matter contained herein.

Therefore, always refer to the official sources or the websites for the correct updated information on the products.

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