Greaves Eltra City: The EV Auto Revolutionizing Urban Transportation

Introducing Greaves Eltra City: A Leap Forward in EV Auto Technology

Greaves Eltra City: A Revolutionary EV Auto Hits the Market with Super Comfort and Attractive Features Including a 160 km Range

Electric vehicles (EVs) are gradually making their way into the market, offering an alternative to traditional transportation means. However, the appeal in the public transport sector, especially for autos, has been limited due to concerns over range.

Recognizing this gap, Greaves Electric Mobility has launched a new line of EV autos, named Greaves Eltra City, designed to meet the needs of public transport drivers with significant advantages in mileage.

Globally, the use of electric vehicles is on the rise, but their adoption in the transportation sector has been slow. Many auto drivers have shown interest in EVs that can offer a day’s worth of mileage with a single charge at home.

Greaves Electric Mobility’s introduction of Greaves Eltra City is a direct response to this need. The new EV auto is expected to appeal strongly to auto drivers, with company representatives expressing confidence in its success.

Greaves Eltra City is specifically designed for urban drivers, featuring a 9.6 kW motor and a powerful 10.8 kWh lithium-ion battery. It is suited for city travel, boasting features such as a 14-degree gradability, 49 Nm torque, and hill hold assist, making it particularly adept at navigating through crowded city streets.

Additionally, the EV auto offers a remarkable driving experience with its advanced features including an IoT-enabled 6.2-inch digital instrument cluster that provides real-time information and navigation to users.

In terms of safety, the Greaves Eltra City comes with a reliable full metal body and offers a three-year warranty along with an optional five-year extended warranty, drawing consumer interest.

Its maintenance costs are significantly lower, and with a range of nearly 160 kilometers on a single charge, it presents a compelling option for drivers. Company representatives have touted the Eltra City as bringing revolutionary changes to the EV auto market.


1-What is the Greaves Eltra City?

Ans-The Greaves Eltra City is a new line of EV autos launched by Greaves Electric Mobility, designed for urban public transport drivers, offering significant mileage advantages.

2-What makes the Greaves Eltra City appealing to auto drivers?

Ans-It offers a day’s worth of mileage on a single charge, making it suitable for urban driving with a range of nearly 160 kilometers.

3-What are the key features of the Greaves Eltra City?

Ans-It features a 9.6 kW motor, a 10.8 kWh lithium-ion battery, 14-degree gradability, 49 Nm torque, hill hold assist, and a 6.2-inch IoT-enabled digital instrument cluster.

4-What safety and warranty options does the Greaves Eltra City offer?

Ans-It comes with a full metal body, a three-year warranty, and an optional five-year extended warranty.

5- How does the Greaves Eltra City stand out in terms of maintenance and operational costs?

Ans-The EV auto has significantly lower maintenance costs and offers a compelling option for drivers with its nearly 160 kilometers range on a single charge.

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