Tyler Childers Shares Passionate ‘In Your Love’ Official Video

Tyler Childers Shares Passionate ‘In Your Love’ Official Video

Childers was alone at home in Kentucky with his wife Senora and infant son when the Black Lives Matter movement and the pandemic sparked a wave of protests across the country. The songwriter, who is renowned for his intricately drawn depictions of modern rural life, changed his views after reflecting on himself. The first was a bluegrass record called Long Violent History, which was prefaced with a powerful song against racial injustice.

Can I Take My Hounds To Heaven?, a triple album he later released with his band The Food Stamps, challenged religious bigotry while clinging to the joy of worship. In order to write a video for his new song, “In Your Love,” which portrays a sweeping story of love between two men, Childers has now engaged the help of his close friend, the renowned author and Kentucky poet laureate Silas House.

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