Viral Videos India- December 6, 2022

Viral Videos India- December 6, 2022

1-Maned Wolf Spotted Crossing A Street; Internet Amazed by Viral Video

On social media, a video of a “maned wolf” has gone viral. Neither a fox nor a wolf is a maned wolf. On Twitter, Reg Saddler, a user of the internet, posted the video.

The animal can be seen crossing a street in the video. Saddler asked, “Does anyone know what the heck this is?!” in the caption. After watching the video, numerous Twitter users expressed their shock.

2-Bihar Shocker: Oil Is Stolen from a Moving Goods Train; the Video Goes Viral

A terrible robbery case from Bihar has come to light. On social media, a video of criminals stealing oil from a cargo train has gone viral.

The robbers filling their buckets with oil from a moving cargo train on a railroad bridge are seen in the viral footage.

According to reports, the event happened in the Bihta region as oil was being transported by the freight train.

3-Rahul showers BJP workers in Rajasthan with flying kisses after a “friendly” counter in M.P.

People gathered on the roof of the BJP office to watch Rahul Gandhi’s march were showered with flying kisses, which made for an intriguing start to the Congress leader’s Bharat Jodo Yatra in Jhalawar, Rajasthan.

The Rajasthan Congress posted a video of the incident on their official Twitter account with the remark, “The only solution to hate is love!” Rahul received accolades from some Congress supporters for “brilliantly” managing the trolls.

Viral Videos India-November 25, 2022

1-Netizens are “horrified” by a couple who established a record with nearly 100 body changes; WHAT’S BUZZING

A couple from Argentina broke the Guinness World Record for the most bodily alterations, which has made many people “uncomfortable” online.

The married couple’s collection of tattoos and other bodily alterations currently stands at 98.

Even their eyes have been tattooed on the couple.

Additionally, American women diplomats in Delhi have given up their bulletproof cars in favour of auto rickshaws. For more online-trending news, view the video below.

Viral Videos India

2-After Japan defeated Germany in the FIFA World Cup, the nation’s supporters were praised for being “class apart.” Reasons why

By defeating Germany, Japan accomplished a historic milestone in a FIFA World Cup 2022 match.

However, some Japanese spectators captured the attention of the entire globe with a touching gesture they made at the stadium following the game.

Setting an example, Japanese spectators remained to tidy the Khalifa International Stadium in Qatar after the game.

Web users praised the Japanese for being in a different class.

Viral Videos India

3-The Rock, Dwayne Johnson, Reacts to the Cow’s Raised Eyebrow Viral Video and Says, “I Wasn’t Expecting That”

The Rock, Dwayne Johnson, responded to a video that an Indian doctor had tweeted. On the internet, the American actor’s answer is gaining popularity.

Ajayita, an Indian doctor, shared a humorous video on November 23 comparing the former WWE superstar’s raised eyebrow to a cow’s.

The tweet was also addressed by The Rock himself. Ok, I was not expecting that from my moo cow pal, The Rock remarked in a tweet after sharing the video.

The message has received many likes and retweets on social media, making it quite popular.

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