Xbox Welcomes Baldur’s Gate III, Bids Farewell to Split-Screen on Series S!

Xbox Welcomes Baldur’s Gate III, Bids Farewell to Split-Screen on Series S!

Baldur’s Gate III will debut on Xbox consoles this year. This critically acclaimed CRPG is a product of Larian Studios. The wait for this beloved game to come to Microsoft’s current-gen gaming systems is over. Swen Vincke who is the CEO of Larian Studios found the eagerly awaited solution. Phil Spencer who is the head of Xbox was also part of this solution. The game will lack the split-screen co-op feature on the Xbox Series S. This limitation is a consequence of the console’s technical constraints. Microsoft is committed to ensuring feature parity. They have sent their engineers to team up with Larian Studios.

Swen Vincke recently tweeted about the upcoming release. He confirmed meeting with Spencer. They found a solution that will bring Baldur’s Gate 3 to Xbox players still in this year. This has been a long-standing goal. Some players might find the lack of split-screen co-op disappointing. The regular online co-op feature is not affected. Gamers can team up with friends. Together they can set off on adventures.

The Xbox Series S lacks split-screen co-op due to memory limitations. Microsoft’s aim was to create an affordable gaming console. The reduced performance of Xbox Series S makes it more accessible. It also poses challenges for demanding in-game activities. When many characters are operating at once on the same system it strains the console. This happens especially in chaotic moments. These include party members scattering casting spells or causing on-screen chaos.

Swen Vincke from Larian Studios said the problem comes from the need for memory to handle multiple character actions. This became a trade-off. There was not enough memory for complex in-game activities since affordability was a priority.

Parity Between Xbox Series S & X

The delay in bringing Baldur’s Gate 3 to Xbox was clarified by Larian Studios. The reason was not an exclusivity contract with PlayStation. The challenge was matching features between the different Xbox consoles. Microsoft insists on keeping gaming features consistent across all Xbox Series. This ensures that various systems can provide the same experiences to players. It is not clear if this policy will apply to future games. However this does show Microsoft’s aim to support a united gaming group.

Insights from Phil Spencer at Xbox

Parity between gaming systems is critical said Phil Spencer who leads Xbox. He recognized the company would gain insight from this situation. He highlighted Microsoft’s commitment to the Xbox Series S. Yet he also understood the choices regarding parity were mainly up to the developers. Spencer clarified “You have not heard it from us or Larian that parity was a concern. This is more of a community discussion.”

Cross-Progression & Promised Updates

Baldur’s Gate III on Xbox will support cross-progression between Steam & Xbox Series S/X. This allows players to move from one platform to another without losing progress. With this feature Larian Studios also unveiled their first update for the game. The patch tackles over 1 000 bugs & balance issues. It includes a fix for an animation bug. It was causing problems with characters of different heights trying to kiss.

The conclusion speaks to the anticipation around Baldur’s Gate III on Xbox Series consoles. Its release invites excitement from loyal fans. The Xbox Series S poses tough technical challenges. Yet a team effort from Larian Studios with Microsoft means players will enjoy this epic CRPG. This will soon take place on their preferred gaming platforms. There’s eagerness among gamers for this release. Both developers with players show deep commitment. They tackle obstacles together. They also embrace novel features. This ensures players get a richer gaming experience.


Q1: Does Baldur’s Gate III have a release date for Xbox Series S/X?

A1: Baldur’s Gate III doesn’t have a specific Xbox Series S/X release date. But it should be out within the year.

Q2: Does Baldur’s Gate III provide split-screen co-op on Xbox Series S?

A2: Baldur’s Gate III can’t support split-screen co-op on Xbox Series S. This is due to technical constraints.

Q3: Can players use cross-progression for Baldur’s Gate III on Xbox?

A3: Players can use cross-progression. This works between Steam with Xbox Series S/X versions. It means players can proceed with the game across platforms.

Q4: What problem did the game have with the kissing animation?

A4: The glitch had characters of varying heights in kissing scenes. The first patch resolved the glitch. So players can expect more realistic interactions from now on.

Q5: Will the Xbox Series S receive performance improvements for Baldur’s Gate III?
A5: Yes, Larian Studios is actively working on a second patch that will bring “significant performance improvements” for Act 3 content, enhancing the gameplay experience on Xbox Series S/X consoles.

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