American Horror Story 12: Kim Kardashian Takes on Motherhood’s Nightmares

American Horror Story 12: Kim Kardashian Takes on Motherhood’s Nightmares

Ever felt that overwhelming sense of anticipation when you’re about to unwrap a gift? Well, that’s how fans are feeling about the upcoming American Horror Story 12 titled “Delicate”. Have you heard about it yet? Ready to dive into this thrilling roller-coaster? Let’s get started!

A Brand New Installment

Yes, the latest addition to the AHS family is here! Titled “Delicate”, this twelfth season promises to offer even more chills and thrills than before. Remember that feeling when you first rode a roller coaster? Yeah, this is the next level!

The Star-studded Cast

When was the last time you saw Kim Kardashian in a horror show? Hard to imagine, right? This season also features Cara Delevingne and Emma Roberts, ensuring every episode will be a delightful mix of talent and terror.

Plot Deep Dive

A top-billing celebrity (played by Emma Roberts) is desperately trying to conceive but believes a malevolent spirit is out to stop her. Does this remind you of those nightmares where you’re running but not moving? That’s the feeling!

Behind the Story

Adapted from the novel “Delicate Condition” by Danielle Valentine, this season marks a first for AHS with its adapted screenplay.

When and Where to Watch?

Can’t wait? The first half debuts on September 20 and will be available on FX and Hulu. For those in India, Disney + Hoststar will be your go-to.

A Novel Inspiration

Delicate Condition” sets the backdrop. If you’ve read the novel, brace yourselves to see it come alive. If not, well, expect the unexpected!

The Two-part Format

Intriguingly, this season will be in two parts. Think of it like a thrilling novel that you can’t put down, only to realize there’s a sequel!

Ryan Murphy’s Touch
Ryan Murphy never disappoints. According to The Hollywood Reporter, this season is “ambitious and unlike anything we have ever done.”

Horror meets Fashion
With Cara Delevingne on board, there’s bound to be a delightful blend of horror and high fashion.

The Previous Themes
From Murder House to Double Feature and NYC, AHS has covered it all. “Delicate” promises a fresh theme yet retaining the signature AHS vibe.

The Signature AHS Ambience
Expect the unexpected. The creepy settings, sudden scares, and an eerie atmosphere are all returning.

Kim Kardashian’s Horror Debut
Kardashian in a horror series? It’s real, and it promises to be groundbreaking.

Other Cast Members’ Roles
With stars like Billie Lourd, Denis O’Hare, and more, this season is bursting with talent. Who will they play? The anticipation is real!

Expectations and Speculations
Speculations are rife, and expectations are sky-high. What twists and turns await? Only time will tell!

Motherhood is a journey filled with love, joy, challenges, and uncertainties. When intertwined with the realms of horror, it forms the perfect recipe for a captivating tale. As the clock ticks towards the release of American Horror Story: Delicate, one can only wonder: How will the horrors of motherhood unfold in this new season?


  1. When is American Horror Story: Delicate releasing?
    The first half debuts on September 20.
  2. Is this Kim Kardashian’s first role in a horror series?
    Yes, it’s her horror debut.
  3. Which novel is this season inspired by?
    It’s inspired by “Delicate Condition” by Danielle Valentine.
  4. Where can viewers in India watch the series?
    They can stream it on Disney + Hoststar.
  5. Will this season be released all at once or in parts?
    It will be released in two parts.

American Horror Story 12 Trailer Out

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