AudioCraft Unleashed: Meta’s Open-Source AI Music Creation Tool

AudioCraft Unleashed: Meta’s Open-Source AI Music Creation Tool

AudioCraft is an open-source artificial intelligence gadget that was launched by Meta Structures on Wednesday. Its purpose is to assist users in the creation of music and sound effects in response to textual clues.

According to Meta, the artificial intelligence programme includes three models: AudioGen, EnCodec, and MusicGen. These models can be used for the compression and production of music and audio, as well as for other purposes.

The company talked about how it trains MusicGen on both its own music and music that has been legally licenced.

As a result of the fact that system learning programmes function by locating and replicating patterns in data obtained from the internet, creatives as well as businesses have expressed concerns regarding the violation of copyrights.

A post on the organisation’s site explains that MusicGen generates music in response to textual ideas and that AudioGen generates sound in the same way. In addition, Meta has published a new version of our EnCodec decoder that features several enhancements. It removes the need for artefacts and enables the production of music of a higher quality. We were able to simply develop bespoke ambiance and effects thanks to the pre-trained AudioGen models provided by our employer. It makes it possible to create sounds similar to those made by dogs and cars, such as horns.

The fashions will be made available to researchers and practitioners so that they can use their own data to train the fashions. The manufacturer claims that its products are able to produce music of consistently excellent quality over lengthy periods of time. The internal workings of Meta have developed throughout the course of time.

Composers and audio engineers, according to the business, will be utilising AudioCraft devices as tools in the not-too-distant future. Additionally, the organisation is putting in additional work to refine current trends and make innovations, the majority of which are based on ideas made by users.

Alphabet unveiled MusicLM earlier this year, an experimental artificial intelligence device that composes music.

Meta’s Open-Source AI Music Creation Tool AudioCraft Unleashed

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