Stallone and Statham Take on ‘World War III’ in Expend4bles Trailer

Stallone and Statham Take on ‘World War III’ in Expend4bles Trailer

The official trailer for “Expend4bles” has finally been released, giving fans of action films an exciting look at the upcoming entry in the illustrious franchise. Fans are excited to see the iconic mercenary band back in action, and with a September 22 release date confirmed, it will be over ten years since the last movie’s debut.

The clip shows a variety of new actors who have joined the ensemble group, giving the series new life. The addition of the outstanding Megan Fox and the well-known rapper-turned-actor 50 Cent is noteworthy, underscoring their crucial responsibilities in carrying the torch for this action-packed series.

The teaser emphasises Sylvester Stallone‘s involvement, but it also teases his exit from the show by having his character Barney Ross make his final appearance. Stallone lays the foundation for an exciting change in the team’s leadership by handing the reins over to the skilled knife-user Lee Christmas (played by Jason Statham).

“Expend4bles” promises to be another international adventure with jaw-dropping action and world-saving heroism under the direction of Scott Waugh, who is best known for his work on the adrenaline-fueled “Need for Speed” film.

The teaser trailer begins with a tantalising scene in which Lee Christmas is looking for secret documents belonged to his ex-girlfriend Gina (Megan Fox). Their interaction quickly turns into a sexually explicit battle scene as they compete for control of the private document. The story then jumps to the next morning, as Ross shows up to give Christmas a mission briefing and set the stage for their next adventure.

The trailer introduces the new cast members, including Easy, played by 50 Cent, who worries about the ageing sharpshooter Gunner’s (Dolph Lundgren) abilities. In a lighthearted self-defense, Gunner jokingly asserts that he wears a prescription scope for better eyesight, sparking a witty dialogue between the protagonists. The trailer also introduces Andy Garca’s character, CIA Agent Marsh, who details the critical assignment at hand: terrorists have taken possession of nuclear missiles on a cargo ship, and their detonation might result in a disastrous World War III.

In suspenseful scenes, our heroes skydive onto the deck of the strongly guarded cargo ship in preparation for a daring invasion. Despite the fact that this is Stallone’s final appearance in the franchise, his screen time is supposedly dominated by Jason Statham, who plays the dominant role of his character.

As anticipated, the video picks up the pace with a whirlwind of scenes filled with action, giving us a peek of the deadly foes our heroes must confront. Notably, Iko Uwais plays Suarto; he is well-known for his martial arts prowess in “The Raid: Redemption.”

Watch exclusive Expend4bles Trailer below:

Expend4bles Trailer-Stallone and Statham

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