Tragic Loss: ‘Breaking Bad’ Star Mike Batayeh Passes Away at 52

Tragic Loss: ‘Breaking Bad’ Star Mike Batayeh Passes Away at 52

Mike Batayeh, an actor most known for his portrayal as Dennis Markowski, the manager of a laundry in the television series Breaking Bad, died from a heart attack. He was 52. His family has verified that the actor passed away from a heart attack on June 1 as he was sleeping at home in Michigan, according to

Mike’s death “was very sudden, as he didn’t have a history of heart issues,” his sister Diane told TMZ. His family issued the following statement: “He will be greatly missed by those who loved him and his great ability to bring laughter and joy to so many.”

In a statement to USA TODAY, Mike Batayeh‘s agent, Arlene Thornton, said: “He was one of our favourite clients as he was a great actor and very funny guy with fans all over the world.”

Between 2011 and 2012, Mike featured in three episodes of Breaking Bad. Dennis Markowski, the manager of the industrial laundry Lavandera Brillante, was the character he played. Gustavo Fring, a drug lord (Giancarlo Esposito), was in charge of it.

Additionally, he made appearances in the films American Dreamz (2006), This Narrow Place (2011), and Detroit Unleaded (2012). In 2018, Mike Batayeh appeared in the television film Prank of America.

Mike Batayeh Passes Away

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