Latest Hollywood Movies Trailer 2022

Latest Hollywood Movies Trailer 2022

1- Trailer for 1-EO (Jerzy Skolimowski, 2022) in the United States

The award-winning film “EO,” directed by Polish filmmaker Jerzy Skolimowski and told through the eyes of a donkey, now has a U.S. trailer.

The movie will be released on November 18 in New York City and December 2 in Los Angeles. It has a spectacular 98% rating on Rotten Tomatoes.

Latest Hollywood Movies Trailer 2022

2- Jennifer Lawrence in “Causeway” trailer.

The Jennifer Lawrence-starring combat veteran PTSD drama from director Lila Neugebauer, “Causeway,” will finally be available on Apple TV+ on November 4th after languishing on the shelf for several years.

Lawrence portrays Lynsey, a military engineer who suffered a crippling brain injury from an IED explosion in Afghanistan and is now recuperating at home in New Orleans.

In addition to playing a soldier, Brian Tyree Henry also plays a friend to the other soldier as they both struggle with PTSD.

Latest Hollywood Movies Trailer 2022

3-Jason Momoa’s “Slumberland” Full Trailer

The full-length trailer for “Slumberland,” the next children’s fantasy film starring Jason Momoa, has been made available on Netflix.

Nemo (Marlow Barkley), a young girl whose father Peter (Kyle Chandler) unexpectedly goes missing at sea, has her peaceful life in the Pacific Northwest drastically upended when she is moved to live in the city with her well-meaning but socially inept uncle Phillip (Chris O’Dowd).

Latest Hollywood Movies Trailer 2022

4-Official “Run Sweetheart Run” trailer

A trailer for “Run Sweetheart Run,” which had its world premiere at the 2020 Sundance Film Festival, has been made available by Blumhouse Productions.

Dayo Okeniyi, Clark Gregg, Shohreh Aghashloo, and Betsy Brandt all appear. From a screenplay co-written by Keith Josef Adkins and Kellee Terrell, Shana Feste directs the film.

On October 28, “Run Sweetheart Run” will be available on Amazon Prime.

Latest Hollywood Movies Trailer 2022

5-‘AHS: NYC’ Teaser Introduces ‘American Horror Story’ to New York City’s Nightlife

The eleventh season of Brad Falchuk and Ryan Murphy’s ground-breaking horror anthology American Horror Story has a new teaser trailer thanks to FX.

The series has already taken us to witches’ hives, demonic carnivals, and even haunted hotels. The most sinister setting of them all, nevertheless, may be seen in Season 11: New York City.

AHS: NYC episodes are available on Hulu the day after they air on FX. The streaming service offers all prior seasons.

Latest Hollywood Movies Trailer 2022

6-The premiere of “Let the Right One In” arrives early, and Showtime is giving away the first episode.

We have some good news for fans of the book-turned-movie Let the Right One In who are curious about the impending series but aren’t sure they want to commit to a Showtime subscription.

Below is a trailer for Let the Right One In on Showtime. The first episode is currently available, and more will come.

Latest Hollywood Movies Trailer 2022

7- The “I’m Totally Fine” trailer features Natalie Morales and Jillian Bell in a touching science fiction comedy.

Brandon Dermer, a first-time director, used an Alisha Ketry script as the basis for his film I’m Totally Fine. Ketry is renowned for penning episodes of the television programmes Full House and American Dad! Alongside Newacheck, Jonas Dolkart also produces. The movie has an unrated runtime of one hour and 23 minutes.

On November 4, I’m Totally Fine will be accessible on demand, digitally, and in cinemas.

Latest Hollywood Movies Trailer 2022

8- Jesse Eisenberg, Claire Danes, and Lizzy Caplan Are Introduced in the “Fleishman is in Trouble” Teaser for the FX Series

The teaser promises to be “a story about everything” and offers a twisty glance into the lives of these three individuals.

Eisenberg, a 41-year-old newly divorced man trying to reenter society, is portrayed in the series.

But when his ex (Danes) goes missing at the start of his first summer of freedom, things start to go wrong.

As part of FX on Hulu, Fleishman is in Trouble will make its online debut on November 17th. The first teaser may be seen below:

Latest Hollywood Movies Trailer 2022

9- New “The Idol” Trailer Highlights No. The Weeknd and Lily-Rose Depp’s Dangerous Chemistry

The intriguing new teaser for HBO’s upcoming drama series The Idol has just been released.

Along with Sam Levinson, who oversees the Euphoria television series, and Reza Fahim, who is the show’s executive producer, Abel “The Weeknd” Tesfaye, stars in The Idol.

Lily-Rose Depp will play a rising pop idol in the series who has a tangled bond with the head of a contemporary cult (The Weeknd).

Sometime in 2023, HBO will air the first episode of The Idol. Below is the most recent official teaser:

Latest Hollywood Movies Trailer 2022

10- The trailer for “Anne Rice’s Mayfair Witches” reveals the AMC release date.

We have some fantastic news for fans of horror and thriller series even before the 2022 New York Comic-Con has even begun.

AMC Networks today unveiled the premiere date and the first trailer for Anne Rice’s Mayfair Witches during a panel discussion.

The enthralling Interview with the Vampire was the first effort in Anne Rice’s immortal universe; the series will be the second.

On January 5, AMC+ will release the first two episodes of Anne Rice’s Mayfair Witches. The final six will be released every week.

The trailer is available to view below:

11- Found Footage Horror Goes Completely 90s at NYCC with “V/H/S/99” Trailer

With the release of the V/H/S/99 trailer, the franchise is heavily embracing the nostalgia of the late 1990s.

The film, which was shown during the panel for V/H/S/99: V/H/S Goes to Hell at New York Comic Con, significantly draws on the style of the time while teasing some enjoyable, period-appropriate shocks to come.

Shudder will begin streaming V/H/S/99 on October 20. View the trailer down below.

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