Nvidia Overtakes Apple and Microsoft: Now Becomes World’s Most Valuable Company

World’s Biggest Company: Due to the strong global demand for artificial intelligence, Nvidia shares have been surging at an extraordinary pace over the past few months.

Most Valuable Company In The World: The American chip manufacturing company Nvidia has made history with a historic rally in its shares over the past few months. Nvidia’s shares have not only created history but also completely reshuffled the list of the world’s largest companies.

This month, the chip maker entered the $3 trillion market cap club for the first time, surpassing giants like Apple and Microsoft.

History Created by Nvidia

Nvidia’s shares rallied by 3.5% on Tuesday, raising the company’s market value to $3.34 trillion. This makes Nvidia the most valuable public limited company in the world, surpassing any other listed company.

Number 2 Last Week

Nvidia, which has been surging at rocket speed over the past few months, surpassed Apple last week to become the second most valuable company in the world.

On Wednesday, June 12, 2024, Nvidia’s shares rose by 5.2%, and for the first time, the company’s value crossed the $3 trillion mark. Nvidia is the third company in the world to achieve this milestone, following Apple and Microsoft.

Top 3 Companies in the World

Nvidia is now the largest company in the world with a value of $3.335 trillion. Microsoft has fallen to second place with a value of $3.317 trillion. Apple is in third place with $3.285 trillion. Google’s parent company Alphabet ranks fourth with a current market cap of $2.170 trillion.

Over 170% Jump This Year

Nvidia shares have seen phenomenal growth over the past few months. This calendar year, Nvidia stock has gained more than 170%. Since October 2022, these shares have increased by nearly 1,100%.

Rocket-like Journey

Nvidia took only 96 days to climb from a value of $2 trillion to $3 trillion. In March this year, Nvidia reached $2.056 trillion, surpassing Saudi Aramco at that time. Now, Nvidia’s value stands at $3.335 trillion, meaning the company’s value has increased by more than $1 trillion in just the past three months.

Previously, it overtook giants like Amazon, Google’s parent company Alphabet, and Facebook’s parent company Meta. With the growing global demand for artificial intelligence across all sectors, Nvidia shares are benefiting from these conditions.

1-What drove Nvidia to become the world’s most valuable company?

Ans-Increased demand for AI technology has skyrocketed Nvidia’s share value.

2-How much is Nvidia’s current market value?

Ans- Nvidia’s current market value stands at $3.34 trillion.

3-How long did it take Nvidia to grow from $2 trillion to $3 trillion in market cap?

Ans-It took Nvidia only 96 days to climb from $2 trillion to $3 trillion.

4-Which companies does Nvidia surpass to become the largest by market cap?

Ans-Nvidia surpassed Apple and Microsoft to become the largest company by market cap.

5-What has been the percentage increase in Nvidia’s stock this year?

Ans-Nvidia’s stock has increased by over 170% this calendar year.

Nvidia Overtakes Apple and Microsoft: Now Becomes World’s Most Valuable Company
Nvidia Overtakes Apple and Microsoft

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