Oppo Find X7, Find X7 Ultra Complete Specifications Leaked Hinting at Imminent Launch

Oppo Find X7, Find X7 Ultra Complete Specifications Leaked Hinting at Imminent Launch


Eagerly anticipated by smartphone fans, the Oppo Find X7 series may be unveiled soon. Riding the wave of buzz around leaked details about three models–Oppo Find X7, Find X7 Ultra and perhaps most intriguing of all Oppo Find x 7 ultra–Satellite Communication, It is clear that this year’s lineup rewrites some rules.

Leaked Specifications

The leaks which come from a Weibo user known as ‘The Director of the Factory is Guan’ give us an appetizer. These leaks paint a picture of a lineup whose upgrades are not just skin deep but will redefine smartphone innovation and performance.

Model Variants

The heart of the lineup is the regular Oppo Find X7 for everyday use. The Find X7 Ultra, however, is aimed at those looking for a more powerful and premium experience. If so, one feature that looks like something out of a sci-fi movie is indeed the Find X7 Ultra Satellite Communication.

Processor and Performance

Equipped with MediaTek’s Dimensity 9300 SoC, the Oppo Find X7 is poised to deliver both efficiency and power. The Ultra models raise the bar with their Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 chipsets, bringing unprecedented levels of performance to smartphones.

Memory and Storage

Here it’s a case of speed, with LPDDR5X RAM allowing users to smoothly surf all their tasks. Added UFS 4.0 storage means large quantities of space, coupled with massively fast data transfer speeds.

Operating System

The remaining three models all run on the Android 14-based ColorOS 14, which features a user interface that’s smooth and rich with current Android functions.

Display Features

The two Ultra models feature a beautiful 6.82-inch, selfie angled 2K screen; the vanilla model is no slouch either with its own massive (by comparison to anything but last year’s phablets) duck of a bird at 6.78 inches and autofocusing HDR leveled lenses borrowed from violated consumers Both versions pack BOE 8T OLED LTPO panels, a 120Hz refresh rate and stunning at-a-glance performance with an up to 2,160 Hz PWM dimming frequency.

Camera Capabilities

For photography buffs, the 50-megapixel main sensor of the basic model is just a warmup. With cutting-edge imaging technology, the Ultra models are expected to raise additional standards for smartphone photography.

Battery and Charging

The series promises to give you the juice all day long, with hefty battery capacities. Its charging speeds are also impressive, and rumors of advanced wireless-charging capabilities only add to the allure.

Connectivity Options

Via 5G, the current Wi-Fi standards and enhanced Bluetooth capabilities, staying connected will be effortless. We expect each model to have different connection functions, making them able to stand out in a sea of models.

Design and Build

It is rumored that super-premium materials are used, with an elegant and ergonomic design. They should not only be stylish, waterproofing and durability are also key features.

Audio and Multimedia

Speakers will be high-quality and audio multimedia functions state of the art to create an immersive audio experience. Not only phones, but portable entertainment powerhouses.

Special Features

A set of special features is planned for each model in the Find X7 series so everybody will find something to their liking. From sophisticated technology to user friendly interface, these phones should be able stand their ground among the competition.

Pricing and Availability

Pricing is to be competitive, considering that so much technology lies within. There are many people eager to see the product available in different markets, and who hope that it will be released globally.


The innovative, technology packed Oppo Find X7 series stands poised to shake up the smartphone market. All three models, declared by Oppo to be expressions of its commitment to innovation–the standard Find X7, the advanced FindX 20-3 ultra and futuristic find x7 Ultra Satellite Communication prove that point.


1-When is the Oppo Find X7 series expected to be released?

The exact release date is yet to be confirmed, but rumors hint at an imminent launch.

2-What are the main differences between the Find X7, Find X7 Ultra, and Find X7 Ultra Satellite Communication?

The key differences lie in their processors, camera capabilities, and unique features like satellite communication in the Ultra Satellite Communication model.

3-Will there be any special offers at the launch of the Oppo Find X7 series?

Details about launch offers are still under wraps, but consumers can expect competitive pricing and possibly some introductory offers.

4-Are the new models compatible with existing Oppo accessories?

Most existing Oppo accessories should be compatible, but it’s best to check for specific models.

5-What is Oppo’s policy on software updates for the Find X7 series?

Oppo generally offers regular software updates, but specifics for the Find X7 series will be clearer post-launch.

Oppo Find X7, Find X7 Ultra Complete Specifications Leaked

Oppo Find X7, Find X7 Ultra Complete Specifications Leaked

The information featured in this article about the Oppo Find X7 series, including the Oppo Find X7 proper and survey model as well as its alleged two different high-end version models named an “Ultra” and ” Satellite Communication”, is all rumor at present. Actual product specifications, features and availability may differ from those discussed here.

Every effort has been made to ensure accuracy and reliability in this document, but it is provided “as-is”, without warranty of any kind. We disclaim all responsibility and liability for the accuracy, completeness, legality or reliability of any information provided herein.

The use you make of such information is thus entirely at your own risk. We suggest readers wait for official product announcements from Oppo before settling on the details.

This article is intended for information purposes only and not as expert or professional advice. For detailed information on the products, it is always best to contact a specialist or representative of the company.

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