Poco Pods True Wireless Earphones Now Available: Affordable and Simple

Poco Pods Earphones: Economical and Unembellished

Synonymous with Xiaomi, Poco has embarked on a venture into India’s wireless earphones domain. Unveiling their latest innovation, the Poco Pods, they have priced this commodity at Rs. 1,199. These auditory instruments are elementary yet pocket-friendly. Here is a glimpse into their offerings.

Features of Poco Pods

In appearance, they are unornamented, bearing a resemblance to the Redmi Buds 4 Active.

Characterized by their lightweight construction, robustness, and contouring fit within the auditory canal.

A palette of black and yellow adorns them, a prominent Poco emblem embellishing the charging vessel.

Touch-sensitivity provides dominion over their functionality. For example, a bi-tap summons the acceptance of calls or the orchestration of melodies.

They forgo the provision of a customized application for altering these dominions.

The charging receptacle is armed with a USB Type-C inlet and a diminutive illumination signaling the replenishment of energy.

Enabling the distinctiveness of voices, noise abolition is incorporated.

Within the enclosure, you will find a trio of ear tip dimensions, albeit devoid of a charging tether.

They employ the rudimental SBC Bluetooth codec, utilizing Bluetooth 5.3.

The pieces function independently, permitting simultaneous charging of one, while the other caters to your auditory desires.

Performance and Battery Longevity

Emitting acoustics commensurate with their expenditure, the Poco Pods furnish satisfactory sonority. Variances in the harmony of different musical compositions are perceptible. Conversations carry clarity within indoor confines, yet become muddled when exposed to the external environment. Their energy sustenance spans approximately a quintet of hours for the auditory instruments, escalating to the vicinity of 22-23 hours when coupled with the charging case.


Poco Pods present themselves as a rudimentary selection tailored for the frugally minded. Their applicability encompasses leisurely auditory indulgence, complemented by respectable energy retention. Should you seek auditory instruments that are unpretentious and economical, they may very well resonate with your requisites.

Poco Pods Video

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