RadioGPT Introduces the World’s First AI DJ

RadioGPT Introduces the World’s First AI DJ

According to Fox Business, Alpha Media’s US-based radio station KBFF Live 95.5 FM made history by integrating artificial intelligence (AI) to debut the first full-time AI DJ.

To create an AI version of their midday host, Ashley Elzinga, the station used Futuri Media’s RadioGPT software, which is a significant development in the history of radio.

“Radio GPT empowers us to showcase our content creators with greater frequency and provide more timely, topical, and comprehensive information to our Alpha audiences and clients than was previously feasible,” stated Phil Becker, EVP of Content at Alpha Media. He also emphasised how AI will give the radio station unheard-of agility.

In a recent radio station tweet, Elzinga presented her AI counterpart to her listeners. Elzinga’s comments are played back by the AI in the accompanying video to simulate a live recording. Laughing, Elzinga says, “I guess I have the day off.”

Another video shows Ashley the AI telling a caller they won tickets to a Taylor Swift concert. Elzinga’s conversational manner and laid-back demeanour are amazingly effectively captured by the AI voice.

Alpha Media reassures its viewers and personnel that the real Ashley Elzinga will continue to get her regular salary and that AI will not take her place. This assertion tries to allay local DJs’ concerns over prospective career risks brought on by AI integration.

In the meantime, Spotify, the industry leader in music streaming, has made its “DJ” AI feature available to premium users in the UK and Ireland after first making it available to them in February in the US and Canada.

RadioGPT Introduces the World’s First AI DJ

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