See You On Venus Trailer Unveils Spain’s Hidden Gems and Mesmerizing Landscapes

See You On Venus Trailer Unveils Spain’s Hidden Gems and Mesmerizing Landscapes

The official trailer for Voltage Pictures and Vertical’s much awaited film version of ‘See You On Venus’, the cherished coming-of-age romance novel by Victoria Vinuesa, has been made available. The gripping tale of Mia and Kyle, two teens who travel to Spain on a life-changing trip in search of Mia’s birth mother, is teased in the trailer.

The movie, whose release date has been set for July 21, promises to take viewers on a once-in-a-lifetime adventure full of love, self-discovery, and the gorgeous Spanish landscapes.

As they tour the charming cities of Andalusia, the video shows how deeply connected Mia and Kyle are to one another. Along the road, they discover the greater significance of life and the decisions we make in addition to falling in love with each other.

The talented cast of “See You On Venus,” which includes Virginia Gardner (best known for her role in Marvel’s “Runaways”), Alex Aiono (from “Pretty Little Liars: Original Scene”), Rob Estes, Isabel Serrano, Bernard Bullen, Alex Astor-Fabra, and others, showcases the skills of acclaimed Spanish director Joaqun Llamas.

Virginia Gardner, together with Nicolas Chartier, Jonathan Deckter, and Pia Patatian, serves as the movie’s executive producer in addition to playing the starring role. Brian Pitt is the show’s director.

The trailer sets the stage for an emotional cinematic experience that will touch people all around the world as it reveals the beauty of Spain and the emotional depth of the story.

Don’t miss the chance to go on an incredible voyage with Mia and Kyle when “See You On Venus” hits theatres on July 21.

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