Korean Trot Singer Haesoo Passes Away at 29, Leaving Fans in Grief

Korean Trot Singer Haesoo Passes Away at 29, Leaving Fans in Grief

Seoul, South Korea: Less than a month after the tragic death of K-pop sensation Moonbin, tragedy strikes the K-pop business once more with the news that trot artist Haesoo, only 29 years old, committed suicide.

Singer Haesoo’s lifeless body was found by the South Korean authorities in her hotel room. The fact that they also discovered a heartbreaking suicide note with her added to how tragic the occurrence was. The singer’s identify will not yet be made public by the police.

On May 20, Haesoo was slated to appear at a forthcoming event. When event organisers called local media outlet Koreaboo to say that Singer Haesoo would be unable to attend due to her tragic death, the news of her demise was made public.

Haesoo made her debut in 2019 and is well-known for her talent in the trot genre, which is hugely popular in South Korea. Her single album, “My Life I Will,” marked the beginning of her steady fan base growth. She gained more notoriety with her appearances on well-known South Korean programmes including “The Trot Show,” “AM Plaza,” and “Gayo Stage,” but it was her outstanding performance on “Immortal Song” that catapulted her reputation to new heights.

Fans in the music industry are mourning the loss of yet another talented artist following the news of Haesoo‘s unexpected death. As investigations proceed, the South Korean entertainment industry comes together to address the grave problem of mental health and provide assistance to those who need it.

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