Speak Fluent English with Google Search: A Game-Changer in Language Learning

Speak Fluent English with Google Search: A Game-Changer in Language Learning

Google introduces new feature for its search app in selected nations like India to enhance their fluency in English. The Android users will have this update in several countries which intend to create a better experience when studying the English language.

In India, Argentina or Mexico, if you employ in your Android phone the translator on English speaking, there is a new instrument for practicing the correct words in English. According to Google, additional countries and languages will soon be included.

Speak Fluent English with Google Search: A Game-Changer in Language Learning

However, this feature is what makes this game cool because it provides you with live topics for discussion. It enables you to create some sorts of answers through utilizing particular vocabulary words. The practice sessions can last anything from three to five minutes. Besides that, you receive customized feedback. Furthermore, you can create a reminder for practicing on a daily basis.

This is what experts of language learning and teaching have given with help of Google. Practice of real life cases are used for these session with proven ways of making it easier for an individual or memory.

Some of these partnerships are with language learning organizations. Hence, they will provide additional relevant information on learners across the globe. They have indicated willingness to work with additional partners towards expanding this function.

In addition, this possibility has its roots in the specialized technology devised by Google and Translate. It is known as Deep Aligner that relies on the modern technologies for upgrading your English proficiency in pronunciation.

As such, if you want to improve your English, there is a new simple but effective way of practicing through Google Search.

Google has launched an application called as sound search within its Search app, which will help people from some countries, particularly India, to enhance their English pronunciation. 

It is accessible to android users and is highly interactive.


1-Who can use this feature?

At first, it can be applied only for the customers in particular states, i.e., Argentina, Colombia, India, Indonesia, Mexico, and Venezuela, that are Android users at first stage. In the future, Google shall extend it to extra nations with languages other than English.

2-How does the feature work?

It involves realistic issues with the corresponding vocabulary to enable learners give spoken responses. The duration of each practice session is usually between 3 and 5 minutes.subsectionsubsectionsubsectionsubsectionsubstringsubsectionsubstringsubsection Personalized feedback is also delivered to users and they can establish daily reminders, which continue to practice.

3-Who helped create this feature?

To ensure that the feature was as effective as possible, Google worked closely with linguists, teachers, and experts in language education. During this time, the instructional sessions are based on techniques which help users to remember words more easily.

4-What technology enables this particular function?

It employs a special version of a state-of-the-art Deep Learning technique referred to as “Deep Aligner”, which incorporates cooperation of Google Translate team members. The use of smart technology facilitates an interactive personalised nature in the practice sessions.

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