Lil Tay Returns with “SUCKER 4 GREEN” Music Video, Throws Shade at Dad on Live: Must-See

Lil Tay Returns with “SUCKER 4 GREEN” Music Video, Throws Shade at Dad on Live: Must-See

Hey there, folks! It’s your friendly neighborhood news writer, and boy, do I have a story for you today that’s juicier than a ripe watermelon on a hot summer day. Remember Lil Tay, the young internet sensation who had everyone talking with her explicit videos back in the day? Well, she’s back, and she’s brought the drama along with her. Grab your popcorn, ’cause we’re about to dive into this wild tale.

Lil Tay’s Mysterious Disappearance and Resurrection

Once upon a time, Lil Tay had the world at her feet, with her viral videos captivating audiences everywhere. But then, poof! She disappeared from the spotlight, leaving us all wondering what happened to the pint-sized firecracker. Rumors even swirled that she had met an untimely demise. Shocking, right?

But hold onto your seats, folks, ’cause it turns out she’s very much alive and kicking. Phew! Lil Tay is back from the shadows, and she’s got a bone to pick with none other than her own dad. Can you believe it?

The Blame Game: Dad in the Hot Seat

So, what’s all the fuss about? Well, Lil Tay is pointing fingers at her dear old dad, accusing him of being the puppet master behind all the chaos in her life. You see, her father, whose name is Chris Hope, threatened to sue her for defamation. Yep, it’s a family feud that’s worthy of a reality TV show.

Lil Tay’s Bold Instagram Comeback

Now, you might think all this legal drama would keep her out of the spotlight, but not our Lil Tay. She made a triumphant return to Instagram, and it was no ordinary comeback. No, sir!

On September 30th, in a blaze of glory, Tay dropped her latest music video, “SUCKER 4 GREEN.” Hold on to your hats, ’cause it’s a bit of a departure from her previous rap-centric style. This one’s got a pop vibe that could easily soundtrack your next shopping spree at H&M or Hollister. But here’s the kicker – not everyone’s on board with the saucy content in the video. Oh, the scandal!

Tay Goes Live on IG, Spills the Tea

Now, here’s where it gets interesting. Tay knows her fans have burning questions, and she’s not one to shy away from the drama. She decided to go live on Instagram, spilling the tea like it’s hot. According to reports, she dropped some shocking allegations about her father.

Tay claims that her dad, Chris Hope, had some, shall we say, “intimate encounters” with a lady while she was in the same room. Talk about awkward family moments. But that’s not all. She also alleges that her dad frequented Craigslist to find female companions. Ouch!

And if that weren’t enough…

Tay had some choice words for her dad’s current partner, Hanee Hope, labeling her as a “scammer.” According to Tay, in her dad’s house, “inappropriate sexual behavior” was the norm, and they were all about “doing the most out-of-pocket sexual s**t” right in front of her. Whoa, Nelly!

What Lies Ahead for Lil Tay?

So, folks, that’s the scoop on Lil Tay’s wild ride – from a mysterious disappearance to a fiery return filled with family drama and a saucy music video. But the question on everyone’s mind is, what’s next for this teen internet sensation?

Internet Reactions to Lil Tay’s Return

As expected, the internet is ablaze with chatter about Lil Tay’s dramatic re-entry into the public eye. From Reddit threads dissecting her Instagram Live revelations to Twitter spats over her new musical direction, opinions are as polarized as ever. Whether you’re a fan or a critic, it’s impossible to ignore the impact she’s made on social media once again.

Celebrity Takes on Lil Tay’s Saga

It’s not just ordinary folks who are captivated by Lil Tay’s unfolding drama; even celebrities have chimed in. While some have expressed concern for her well-being given the familial issues, others seem to be relishing the spectacle. But the consensus is clear: Lil Tay knows how to grab headlines, and she’s done it once again.

Legal Implications for Lil Tay and Family

With accusations flying in all directions, one can’t help but wonder about the legal repercussions awaiting Lil Tay and her family. Defamation claims, potential lawsuits, and the murky waters of child exploitation are just some of the legal minefields that could surface.

The Future of Lil Tay’s Music Career

Let’s not forget that beyond the drama, there’s music involved. Her new single, “SUCKER 4 GREEN,” could either catapult her back into stardom or be a swan song of sorts, given the mixed reviews. In an industry as volatile as the entertainment world, nothing is certain.


Do you have any theories? Feel free to share them in the comments and stay tuned for more hip-hop/pop culture news updates. You never know what crazy twist awaits in the world of Lil Tay!

FAQ: All You Need to Know about Lil Tay’s Return and “SUCKER 4 GREEN”.

1-Who is Lil Tay?

Lil Tay is an underage internet celebrity with explicit films and a provocative personality. She first became popular through viral videos and later made an astonishing come back few years ago.

2-Who exactly is Lil Tay and why are they no longer seen in public?

Many speculations were raised as to why Lil Tay disappeared from scene after an explosive entry; it being whispered so some suspected, she had met her death before destiny’s time. She is back – the why of that still obscure, but she’s here.

3-Why all this fuss about Chris Hope her Dad?

In turn, Lil Tay accuses her father, Chris Hope of negatively influencing her. She says that he sued her. She also leveled several charges against her father’s conduct in a live Instagram session, contributing to the family feud that has persisted.

4-What is “SUCKER 4 GREEN”?

Lil Tay has a new music video called “SUCKER 4 GREEN” that was released on September 30th. This move moves away from her older and more pop-oriented music style. Public opinion is highly divided regarding the video.

5-What did Lil Tay say in one of her Instagram Live session?

Little Tay also said some disturbing things against her own father, Christ Hope, alleging that he had been involved in a sexually improper behaviour while talking in her Instagram Live. She also referred her father’s present partner Hanee hope a scammer.

6-What about Lil Tay and family’s legal consequences?

The public allegations and potential defamation suits against both Lil Tay and her family may invoke legal consequences. As of yet no legal proceedings are recorded on this score.

7-How has the public taken it?

The internet is abuzz over Lil tay’s resurgence after a short hiatus, prompting some supporters to welcome her back while others are questioning the morality of her recent posts.

8-Has any celebrity spoken about what goes on with Lil Tay?

Indeed, there are some comments by some celebrities on social media platforms either concerning about Lil Tay’s welfare or just enjoying the unfolding scene.

9-What’s next for Lil Tay?

Public opinion is mixed over Lil Tay’s future with possible litigations hanging on her neck. The release of the new single could either launch Lisa into her dream career, or send her back down to reality.


Besides that, the music video can be streamed by people from different parts of the world on Youtube or any other social page of Lil Tay.

”SUCKER 4 GREEN” Music Video

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