Tecno Pop 8 With 6.6-Inch HD+ Display: Price, Specifications

Tecno Pop 8 With 6.6-Inch HD+ Display: Price, Specifications

Introduction to Tecno Pop 8

The Tecno Pop 8, a smartphone many people were waiting for came to India on January 3. It was released worldwide in October of the year two thousand and twenty-three. The Tecno Pop 8 is famous for its strong features and low cost. It has attracted many people who like new gadgets and those looking to save money on their purchases! This article gives a complete look at the Tecno Pop 8. It talks about its features, how it works and what people think of using it.

Price and Availability in India

Priced competitively at Rs. The Tecno Pop 8 costs only $6,499 and is a cheap choice in the smartphone market. You can buy it from January 9 only on Amazon. For the start, there is a special deal that lowers its cost to Rs. . 5,999. This good price and bank deals make the Tecno Pop 8 a cheap option for many people to use easily.

Design and Display

The Tecno Pop 8 has a cool look and comes in two colors: Gravity Black and Mystery White. It has a 6.56-inch Dot-In screen that can show pictures in high resolution of up to 1,612 by 720 pixels and refreshes at a speed of 90 times per second. The aspect ratio of 20:9, when coupled with Panda Glass protection, makes the viewing better. It’s perfect for watching videos and playing games.

Performance and Storage

At the center of Tecno Pop is a Unisoc T606 chip, connected with 4GB LPDDR4x memory.

The phone has 64GB of storage inside, which can be increased to up to 1TB by using a small memory card.This combination ensures smooth performance, even when multitasking or running demanding applications.

Software and User Interface

The Tecno Pop works on Android 13 Go Edition-based HiOS 13. It has a nice setup where you can make many changes. This phone’s software setup is made for the hardware, making sure users have a smooth experience.

Camera Capabilities

For people who love picture taking, the Tecno Pop 8 has a 12-megapixel AI help dual back camera system with two LED flashes.

The 8-megapixel front camera with a dual LED micro slit flashlight makes great selfies and video calls. The smartphone’s camera system, while not very new, is good for a basic phone. It can take clear and colorful pictures in different light situations.

Battery Life and Charging

One great thing about the Tecno Pop 8 is its big battery. It can last for a very long time when you use it. The help for 10W charging with a wire lets you quickly charge the device, making it good to use all the time by people who move around.

Connectivity Options

The Tecno Pop 8 can use 4G VoLTE, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 5.0 and has GPS with USB Type-C connection support. These options for being connected make sure people stay linked in different places, like home or work. They also help when they are moving around outside their homes.

Audio and Multimedia

The Tecno Pop 8 has DTS-supported speakers and says it can make music three times louder than other phones. This part improves the video and music experience. It’s great for watching videos, playing games or listening to tunes.

Security Features

For safety, the Tecno Pop 8 has a side fingerprint scanner. It’s fast and safe way to open your phone. This part, used with other safety steps, makes sure your information stays safe.

Durability and Build Quality

The phone is built strong with materials that last long and look good. Its IPX2 rating for splash protection gives extra toughness. This makes it better at dealing with daily accidents that can happen by mistake.

Unique Features

The Tecno Pop 8 comes with the Dynamic Port feature, like Apple’s Dynamic Island. It gives fast notifications but in a different and fun way. This thing makes it different from other cheap smartphones, bringing a bit of class to how you use them.

Pros and Cons


Affordable pricing
Robust battery life
Decent camera capabilities
Enhanced audio experience


Limited to one configuration
Lacks fast charging support
User Experience and Feedback
People like the Tecno Pop 8 because it’s cheap, lasts a long time on battery and does well overall. Some people pointed out that there is not much fast charging and only a few choices for setting things up as problems. In general, the phone has been liked a lot. It’s especially popular with people who don’t have much money to spend.

Tecno Pop 8: Is It Worth the Investment?

Thinking about its parts and cost, the Tecno Pop 8 is definitely good to think about for people who want a low-priced phone that works well. It mixes performance and cost well, making it a good pick for many people.

Alternatives to Tecno Pop 8

Even though the Tecno Pop 8 is special in its group, there are other smartphones out there that give similar things. Brands like Xiaomi, Realme, and Samsung have phones that compete closely. Each one has its own good points and bad points.

Tecno’s Future in the Smartphone Business Sector

Tecno has been doing well in the market for smartphones, especially when it comes to low-cost options. The Tecno Pop 8 proves the company’s promise to give phones with lots of features at cheap costs.


The Tecno Pop 8 is a good pick for anyone who wants a cheap phone that works well and has nice features. Its good battery, okay camera and easy-to-use interface make it a great pick for its price. If you’re buying a smartphone for the first time or need an inexpensive second phone, Tecno Pop 8 is definitely worth checking out.


1-How much does Tecno Pop 8 cost in India?

The Tecno Pop 8 costs Rs. 6,499 in India has been released with a special launch offer of Rs. 5,999 for a limited period.

2-Can the Tecno Pop 8 quickly charge a battery?

The Tecno Pop 8 lets you charge with a wire at the rate of 10W, but it doesn’t have fast charging features.

3-What are the color choices for Tecno Pop 8?

The Tecno Pop 8 comes in Gravity Black and Mystery White.

4-Can the storage of Tecno Pop 8 be made bigger?

Yes, you can increase the storage of Tecno Pop 8 up to 1TB using a microSD card.

5-Is the Tecno Pop 8 good for playing games?

The Tecno Pop 8 can play simple games, but it might not be best for heavy gaming with lots of graphics because its settings are basic.

6-What makes Tecno Pop 8 different?

The Tecno Pop 8 has a special feature like Apple’s Dynamic Island. It shows notifications that you can interact with on the screen, making it stand out from other phones.


The Tecno Pop 8 gives a great mix of good features and low cost. Its long battery life, easy-to-use screen and okay picture quality make it a good choice for people on tight budgets.


This post talks about the Tecno Pop 8 smartphone. It uses details available to everyone and reports made so far while it was written down.

People have tried to make sure the information is correct and updated. But technology keeps changing quickly, so things like costs, features or specifications might change too. So, we suggest you check the latest details from official sources or sellers before buying anything.

This article is just to give information, it doesn’t say we support the Tecno Pop 8 or any other item being sold. The writer and company behind this piece are not responsible for any mistakes or changes in the product features or availability.

Tecno Pop 8; Source Twitter Handle: Mukul Sharma

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