Back in Black: Xbox Series S Now Available with a 1TB SSD

Back in Black: Xbox Series S Now Available with a 1TB SSD

Announcing the Xbox Series S – 1TB in Carbon Black

Launching worldwide on September 1, just in time for Starfield

Pre-order at for $349.99 USD already started.

Microsoft has unveiled the latest addition to its gaming console lineup. The Xbox Series S in a striking Carbon Black finish is now here. It comes with a spacious 1TB Solid State Drive. This console is designed to cater to the evolving needs of global gamers.

Xbox has always led in uniting gamers. It provides a platform to experience a wide variety of games. Gamers had expressed need for increased storage. Microsoft responded by introducing the 1TB Xbox Series S.

Whether you are an existing user or new to Xbox this console caters to your needs. The Carbon Black variant matches the modern matte finish of the Xbox Series X. It also includes the Xbox Wireless Controller. The new model maintains the same speed as the 512GB version. Now it offers double the storage. You can download more games for anytime play.

Quick Resume is one of the features of the Xbox Series S. Lightning fast loading times make gaming more enjoyable. Enjoy gameplay at up to 120 frames per second. All these features are powered by the revolutionary Xbox Velocity Architecture.

The Xbox Series S enhances gaming experiences. It works well with a range of popular Xbox accessories. An Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription improves the gaming journey. This subscription lets players enjoy new games. These games are designed for Xbox Series S. They also work on Xbox Series X. Many look forward to titles like Starfield. Others anticipate Forza Motorsport. Players can access these games from day one. The growing library assures players of fresh engaging content.

Available Worldwide September 1

The Xbox Series S 1TB launches on September 1. This launch coincides with the release of Starfield. Fans can pre-order their consoles now. Orders can be made on They can also be made on The price stands at $349.99 ERP. Microsoft plans to make the console available through more retailers. They also aim to reach more regions in the weeks to come. This plan ensures global access to this remarkable gaming experience.


The Xbox Series S features a 1TB SSD. It arrives in Carbon Black. It promises a significant impact in the gaming world. Microsoft shows a commitment to enhance storage. They promise seamless immersion in gaming environments. The Xbox Series S delivers powerful features. It is compatible with a wide range of accessories. It comes with a diverse games library. It heralds unparalleled gaming excitement.


Does the Xbox Series S offer backward compatibility?

Yes. The Xbox Series S supports many games from past Xbox generations.

Can the storage capacity of the Xbox Series S be upgraded?

No. The Xbox Series S does not allow expanded storage like the Series X. However it has a USB port for external storage options.

What is Xbox Velocity Architecture?

Xbox Velocity Architecture is a combination of custom hardware and software designed to significantly enhance loading times, performance, and overall gaming experience.

Will the Xbox Series S support 4K gaming?

The Xbox Series S is optimized for smooth gameplay at lower resolutions. For native 4K gaming, the Xbox Series X is the recommended choice.

Can I play multiplayer games with friends who own the Xbox Series X?

Absolutely, the Xbox Series S and X allow seamless multiplayer gaming experiences, regardless of the console version your friends own.

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