Xiaomi Mix Fold 3 Makes an Impressive Geekbench Appearance!

Look Out For Xiaomi Mix Fold 3 That Makes an Impressive Geekbench Appearance!

The Xiaomi Mix Fold 3 is slated to be released in China on August 14. On Weibo, the business is providing us with sneak glimpses of the phone’s appearance and functionality. A Xiaomi phone, believed to be the Mix Fold 3, has appeared on Geekbench, a testing site, just before its official release. It appears to have a superfast Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 processor and runs Android 13.

This unique phone featuring a large 8.02-inch AMOLED screen and that can fold seems to be very cool. The Leica camera on the rear is a well-known brand. Because the phone has four cameras, it can capture excellent photos.

The testing site, Geekbench, has presented some results for this phone. It received 2,071 points for performing one thing at a time and 5,419 points for doing several things at the same time. It also appeared to have a lot of RAM, which aids the phone’s performance.

The Mix Fold 3 will be powered by a powerful octa-core processor. It’s similar to the phone’s brain. The chip can move extremely quickly, even faster than usual. This improves the phone’s performance significantly.

The Mix Fold 3 will be officially released on August 14 at 7:00 p.m. in China. At the same time, the company is likely to demonstrate several other innovative products.

This phone also features a unique screen that will fold and unfold. It’s rather large and colorful. According to the manufacturer, you can fold and unfold it 500,000 times! Leica makes the camera on the back, and it’s fantastic. The screen also refreshes quickly, so videos and images will appear fluid.

According to Xiaomi, this phone will survive for more than a day on a single charge. They also claim that it can withstand several drops because of the thick glass on the front. The Mix Fold 3 is turning out to be a fantastic phone.

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