Dune Part Two Trailer Drops: Chalamet and Zendaya Set Out for Retribution Against the Harkonnen

Dune Part Two Trailer Drops: Chalamet and Zendaya Set Out for Retribution Against the Harkonnen

The upcoming movie Dune Part Two recently released another preview, which can be watched in both English and Hindi. Warner Bros. released a big trailer that’s three minutes long for the eagerly anticipated sequel by Denis Villeneuve.

We go back to the desert planet Arrakis where Paul Atreidis is leading a rebellion against the Harkonnens who want to control and extract a fictional spice called melange. Him and Chani (Zendaya) start to fall in love. He is struggling with being seen as a respected leader who will free the locals.

The movie was supposed to come out on November 17 in cinemas. However, the release date was changed to November 3 two weeks earlier.

Dune Part Two trailer
The preview for Dune Part Two starts directly in the center of the hot desert. After losing his father and most of the Atreides lineage in the movie Dune released in 2021,

Paul (played by Chalamet) thinks about what is gained from war. He tells Chani that the world is very cruel and they have been fighting against the Harkonnens for a long time, and now he and Lady Jessica join the Fremen, breaking his father’s policy of no revenge. They went to fight against the bad people who were plotting something. Soon, both of them will have eyes that are a shiny blue color.

Consuming melange enhances their senses because it is a psychedelic substance. The locals don’t trust Paul immediately, but Chani appears to have already picked his side. She says she’s fighting for her own people, not for him.

The movie features Léa Seydoux playing the role of Lady Margot from the Bene Gesserit and Florence Pugh portraying Princess Irulan. Dave Bautista plays Glossu Rabban, who is the Baron’s fierce nephew. Dune: Part Two will come out on November 3.

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