Olivia Rodrigo Embraces Catharsis in Electrifying New Single ‘Vampire'”

Olivia Rodrigo Embraces Catharsis in Electrifying New Single ‘Vampire'”-

Olivia Rodrigo, a famous singer, described the release of her new song ‘Vampire’ on Friday as a way to feel better.

The 20-year-old singer who won a Grammy shared on Instagram that their vampire song and video are available now. People magazine reported that she talked about personal aspects of writing songs.

Last winter, my talented and wonderful friend @dan_nigro and I created it, while the incredible @petrafcollins helped us make the video. This song helped me organize my emotions of disappointment, fury, and sadness. In the post, Rodrigo wrote a message and shared some pictures and a clip related to the making of the ‘Vampire’ music video.

This song is special to me and it felt really good to complete it. I’m so happy. she concluded.

The post had many pictures of Rodrigo while making the ‘Vampire’ music video. A picture displayed bite marks on her neck in a close-up. There were additional pictures that depicted the vocalist drenched in artificial blood close to filming gear. She was also pulling a silly expression by rolling her eyes back and sticking out her tongue.

Rodrigo’s first official single since her debut album Sour in May 2021 is ‘Vampire‘. This is the initial song from her second album named ‘Guts’.

According to People magazine, Rodrigo talked to Zane Lowe from Apple Music about her new single and album.

She said she was feeling a lot of emotions like nervousness, excitement, terror, happiness and everything and was eagerly waiting to release her songs. She was discussing her latest songs. “I’ve lived with them for a long time, so I’m excited to give them to someone else and not own them anymore.”

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