Gervonta Davis Delivers Crushing Blow to Ryan Garcia

Gervonta Davis Delivers Crushing Blow to Ryan Garcia

Gervonta Davis won the highly anticipated boxing bout between Ryan Garcia and Gervonta Davis with a knockout in the seventh round. Garcia said that Davis had a nice shot at him and he was unable to recover. He admitted that he ought to have applied greater pressure to Davis and shown him less deference.

Garcia attempted to assault Davis in the seventh round while Davis was trapped, but none of his punches connected. Garcia then collapsed to one knee as a result of Davis’ crushing straight left hand to the ribcage. Garcia was given a count by referee Thomas Taylor, but he was unable to overturn it, giving Davis the victory through knockout.

As he supported Garcia and looked for openings to counter throughout the entire bout, Davis displayed his superior abilities and composure. Although Garcia had his moments, especially a powerful fifth round in which he delivered three massive right hands, Davis’s dominance was too great.

With a stellar record of 25 victories and no defeats, Davis’ triumph confirms his status as one of the top boxers in the world. He demonstrated that he is a fighter who cannot be underestimated.

Gervonta Davis Next Fight

On Saturday night in Las Vegas, Gervonta Davis (29-0, 27 KOs) defeated Ryan Garcia via TKO in the seventh round, placing him in the running for some of boxing’s most renowned titles. Davis’ next opponent appears to be Devin Haney, who has the majority of the hardware at 135 pounds, but Shakur Stevenson is another contender. However, Stevenson, who won the silver medal at the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, would advance significantly in this situation.

Despite the possibility of another “paycheck” bout, like his two prior contests with Rolando Romero and Hector Luis Garcia, Davis has recently become one of the best fighters in the world. Davis asserted after the bout that “I am the face of boxing,” and it now appears to be true. Davis continues to hold the title of WBA “regular” lightweight champion despite the disorganised nature of boxing’s alphabet soup.

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