‘Heart of Stone’: Alia Bhatt Steals the Show with Riveting New Look

‘Heart of Stone’: Alia Bhatt Steals the Show with Riveting New Look

The fresh appearance of actor Alia Bhatt from her first Hollywood movie ‘Heart of Rock’, featuring Gal Gadot, was showcased. Nevertheless, the image aroused the curiosity among the social media community.

On Wednesday, Amazon Prime revealed a fresh glimpse of Priyanka from the cinematic production. In the picture, she can be observed adorned with a fur outerwear and gazing directly at the lens during her pose.

The caption read: “Alia Bhatt will arrive to steal our hearts and our emotions. Experience all the excitement and suspense of Heart of Stone on August 11th, exclusively on Netflix. Heart of Stone…”

Nevertheless, online platforms individuals reacted on the feedback area.

A fan quipped: “At what point does natural hair stop and fur begin?”

“Alia starring in an awesome character is something I’m impatiently looking forward to. Publish it soon,” commented a fan.

“This is her first appearance in Hollywood and she’s acting as the central adversary in the cinematic production,” commented someone else.

Heart of Stone | Gal Gadot, Alia Bhatt, Jamie Dornan | Official Trailer

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