GPS Tracker Assists in Apprehending the Culprit

GPS Tracker Assists in Apprehending the Culprit

A GPS tracker aided in locating the unlawfully taken goods, causing the apprehension of the thief. The purse of the victim and the keys to the vehicle, that had a digital device connected to the keychain, were stolen by the intruder Dylan Balmer when he illegally invaded her dwelling using an unfastened portal.

Even though he opened the car with the keys, he abstained from taking any belongings within while trespassing in the dawn at the Hartlepool location.

As per the legal process in the Teesside Crown Court, following the location, Balmer faced the victim within close proximity to a Premier Inn. The person harmed pointed the finger at Balmer of being in possession of her keys. Security camera recording from a neighboring hotel contributed to his identification. The offender, who acknowledged wrongdoing, was handed a 15-month incarceration sentence.

In the meantime, previously, an AirTag played a role in catching the robbers involved in thefts totaling over $62,000.

A Texan family grew frustrated by cemetery thieves and set up a secret tracking device to document them in action. They didn’t expect that their clever utilization of the AirTag device would aid the authorities locate pilfered bronze commemorative vases estimated to be worth more than $62,000.

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