Stuntman Tom Cruise: The Highs and Lows of His Love for Daring Feats

Stuntman Tom Cruise: The Highs and Lows of His Love for Daring Feats

Tom Cruise is well-known for performing daring feats by himself.

Enduring challenges which might potentially result to a deadly consequence, he has successfully to accomplish astonishing performances. However, he has experienced multiple injuries thus, according to ‘The Daily Telegraph’.

Tom Cruise, who is 61 years old though more agile than most men half his years, is not entirely impervious.

Injured shoulder when leaping on a steep precipice in the vicinity of Dead Horse Point in the state of Utah, USA.

A pair of fractured ribs after colliding with the edge from a vehicle during the detonation on the bridge.

Injured a foot whilst sprinting due to the burst aquarium.

Injured a leg whilst hopping amongst rooftop structures.

“M:I7”, however, will be remembered for this memorable moment where Cruise leaps from a motorcycle from high above and then touches down using a parachute. This will also be recalled for this intense train montage in the end.

Director Chris McQuarrie previously stated that “Dead Reckoning 2” will showcase even more daring stunts. Like the performer is aiming to surpass his previous achievements,

It had been mentioned they were concerned that he might potentially endure a severe injury, and they potentially might mislay him.

This has earned $240M internationally since July 12 when it was released. It earned 60 million rupees in the country, a historic milestone in the Hollywood category.

Stuntman Tom Cruise appears to be racing through history. (Also, it is not made available in China’s market until this point!)

Stuntman Tom Cruise

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