Hollywood movies new trailers-Tetris, Love & Death

Hollywood movies new trailers-Tetris, Love & Death

1-Taron Egerton Risks Everything for the Perfect Game in the Tetris Trailer

The official Tetris trailer for the upcoming biographical comedy-drama about the crazy true account of how Henk Rogers acquired the rights to the ideal game has been released by Apple Studios. On March 31, the movie will be exclusively on Apple TV+ for streaming.

Henk Rogers, played by Taron Egerton, risks his life by battling the KGB for the right to distribute and own the intellectual property for the Tetris video game created by Alexey Pajitnov.

2-Elizabeth Olsen’s Love Affair Takes a Dark Turn in the Love & Death Teaser Trailer

The Love & Death teaser trailer for the new true crime drama, based on the true story of suburban housewife-turned-axe killer Candy Montgomery, has been released by HBO Max. On April 27, the series is slated to premiere.

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