New Movie Trailers 2023-Great Expectations, Shadow and Bone-Feb 18

New Movie Trailers 2023-Great Expectations, Shadow and Bone–Feb 18

Watch some of the New Movie Trailers 2023 below-

1-Excellent Expectations BBC’s Newest Charles Dickens Series Is Teased in the Trailer

The complete trailer for the newest BBC television series, Great Expectations, starring Fionn Whitehead and Olivia Colman, has been published. On March 26, the first two episodes of the show will be streamable in the US on Hulu.

We get a look of Whitehead’s Pip, an orphan who aspires to lead a better life, in the Great Expectations trailer. A mysterious benefactor enters his life, altering it and exposing him to a dark universe of possibilities.

2-The second-season trailer for Shadow & Bone pits Alina against Kirigan

As shown in the Shadow & Bone Season 2 trailer, the never-ending conflict between darkness and light is poised to move on to its next phase.

A trailer for the second season of the young-adult series Shadow & Bone, which centres on the battle between General Aleksander Kirigan, the Shadow Summoner, and Alina Starkov, the Sun Summoner, was just released by Netflix. Following the events of the Shadow & Bone Season 1 finale, Kirigan, also known as The Darkling, is seeking retribution.

The executive producers of the Shadow and Bone series are Bardugo, Shawn Levy, Dan Levine, Dan Cohen, Josh Barry, Pouya Shahbazian, and Lee Toland Krieger of 21 Laps Productions.

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