February 6, 2023
Latest Hollywood Movies Trailers

Latest Hollywood Movies Trailers

Latest Hollywood Movies Trailers-The First Fallen, Truth Be Told- Jan 9, 2023

1-Exclusive LGBTQ Drama in The First Fallen Trailer Is Emotional

Watch the first trailer for the upcoming LGBTQ drama The First Fallen, written and directed by Rodrigo de Oliveira.

On February 10, 2023, the film is scheduled for theatrical release; on February 21, 2023, it will be available on DVD and on video-on-demand.

Rodrigo de Oliveira wrote and directed the film The First Fallen. Johnny Massaro, Renata Carvalho, Victor Camilo, Clara Choveaux, Alex Bonin, and Higor Campagnaro are among the actors in the movie.

Latest Hollywood Movies Trailers

2 Previews of the Truth Be Told Season 3 trailer Back to Octavia Spencer

The full trailer for the third season of the mystery-crime thriller Truth Be Told, which will premiere on January 20, has been made available on Apple TV+.

Poppy Parnell, played by Octavia Spencer, is back in the Truth Be Told Season 3 trailer as she tackles her most recent case, which involves multiple young girls going missing and receiving little media attention. It also introduces the persona of Gabrielle Union, a high school administrator who will aid Poppy in locating the girls.

Nichelle Tramble Spellman (The Good Wife) is the showrunner and writer of Truth Be Told, and she also serves as executive producer. Spencer, Reese Witherspoon, Lauren Neustadter, Peter Chernin, Jenno Topping, and Mikkel Nrgaard served as executive producers.

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