Samantha Ruth Prabhu’s Special Day: Wrapping Up ‘Citadel’ Shoot with Style

Samantha Ruth Prabhu’s Special Day: Wrapping Up ‘Citadel’ Shoot with Style

In a riveting turn of events, the immensely talented and beloved actress, Samantha Ruth Prabhu, rumored to embark upon a sabbatical spanning a whole year, with the noble intention of tending to her well-being, has concluded the filming for the illustrious Indian rendition of the widely acclaimed series ‘Citadel’.

Delighting her legion of fans, Samantha Ruth Prabhu graciously took to the virtual realm of Instagram, proudly sharing an aesthetically captivating self-portrait as she bid adieu to the intense shooting schedule.

Under the skillful direction of the visionary duo Raj and DK, this Indian incarnation boasts an impressive ensemble cast, including the dashing Varun Dhawan and the formidable Sikander Kher.

Through her Instagram stories, Samantha Ruth Prabhu bestowed upon her ardent followers yet another glimpse into her glamorous life, treating them to an enchanting selfie, wherein her radiant countenance met the lens, accompanied by a heartfelt caption that read: “The 13th of July shall eternally hold a place of utmost significance in my heart. With tremendous pleasure, I hereby declare that the filming for #CitadelIndia has reached its culmination.”

With her characteristic diligence and unwavering commitment, the multifaceted actress diligently wrapped up all her pending ventures, leaving no stone unturned. Mere days ago, Samantha artfully concluded the final leg of her forthcoming cinematic endeavor, aptly titled ‘Kushi’.

Buzzing media outlets have relayed the news of Samantha‘s upcoming hiatus, wherein she endeavors to bestow undivided attention upon her health, combating the challenges posed by her autoimmune condition, the enigmatic myositis.

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