T20 World Cup 2024: India’s Dominant Victory Over Pakistan Shatters Records in ICC Tournaments

India’s dominance over Pakistan in ICC tournaments continues unabated. In the recent T20 World Cup 2024 match held at Nassau County International Cricket Stadium in New York,

India achieved a thrilling victory, reinforcing their winning streak. The match was a nail-biter with India securing a win by a mere 6 runs.

Batting first, Rohit Sharma’s team was all out for just 119 runs. However, a remarkable bowling performance secured the victory and etched new records in the T20 World Cup history.

T20 World Cup 2024

India now holds the record for the most victories against a single opponent in T20 World Cups, with a total of 7 wins against Pakistan, including one from a tied match. This record places India at the top, followed by Pakistan, who has 6 victories against Bangladesh.

Similarly, Sri Lanka has matched this feat with 6 wins against the West Indies.

In the context of defending low targets, India’s game against Pakistan was significant. In 2021, Zimbabwe defended a target of 119 runs against Pakistan; India, emulating this, successfully defended the same score in the recent match.

Previously, Australia defended 128 runs against Pakistan in 2010, followed by England and Zimbabwe defending targets of 130 and 131 runs, respectively.

Lowest Defended Targets in T20 World Cups:

Sri Lanka defended 120 runs against New Zealand in 2014.
India defended 120 runs against Pakistan in 2024.
Afghanistan defended 124 runs against the West Indies in 2016.
New Zealand defended 127 runs against India in 2016.
South Africa defended 129 runs against New Zealand in 2009.
Lowest Targets Defended by India in T20s:

Against Pakistan: 120 runs (2024)
Against Zimbabwe: 139 runs (2016)
Against England: 145 runs (2017)
Against Bangladesh: 147 runs (2016)

This victory not only highlights India’s prowess in crucial situations but also reinforces their position as a formidable force in T20 cricket, especially in the ICC tournaments where the pressure is immensely high.

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