New Trailer for “Avatar Frontiers of Pandora” Game Reveals PC Features

New Trailer for “Avatar Frontiers of Pandora” Game Reveals PC Features

Avatar Frontiers of Pandora: The trailer for the game “Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora” has been released. It offers insights into PC gameplay. James Cameron’s successful movie franchise inspired it.

The new trailer highlights:

Benchmark tools
Support for ultra-wide screens
High-speed screen refresh
Support for many-core CPUs

There are scenes from the game in the trailer. The characters from the game also appear. All information is available on the official website.

The game continues the story of the first “Avatar” film. The Western Frontier is an uncharted region on Pandora. Players will team up with different Na’vi tribes there. They will battle against the RDA. Disney along with Lightstorm Entertainment are part of the development team. They designed the game for modern gaming systems as well as PCs.

Massive Entertainment developed the game. Ubisoft Shanghai assisted them. Ubisoft Düsseldorf was another collaborator. The game is set to launch on December 7 in 2023. Delayed from its original 2022 release date it will be on PS5. It will be available on Xbox Series X|S too. PC gamers can play it as well. Finally it will be on Amazon Luna.

Watch below Avatar Frontiers of Pandora Trailer

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