Cate Blanchett’s Barefoot Revolution: Empowering Iranian Women

Cate Blanchett’s Barefoot Revolution: Empowering Iranian Women

According to “Variety,” Cate Blanchett gently took off her stilettos to start the evening at the Cannes Film Festival dinner presented by Variety and the Golden Globes.

In Cannes, where women are required by law to walk the red carpet in heels, shoes have developed into a political symbol on the alluring French Riviera.

According to “Variety,” Blanchett made the decision to go barefoot in typical fashion. Her gesture of solidarity was intended to show support for Iranian women.

The well-known actress, who was there to give Zahra Amir Ebrahim, the star of “Holy Spider,” the breakthrough artiste award, jokingly took the trophy and declared, “This is to confront anyone who obstructs women’s rights.” “Up the vajayjay!” It’s important to note that the word “vajayjay” is a humorous way to say “vagina.”

Ebrahimi, who was visibly moved, used her address to discuss the dreadful situation in Iran, where innocent lives are being taken unfairly.

She was quoted by ‘Variety’ as saying, “I have always regarded being an actress as a paradox: serving one’s own feelings while at the same time embodying a flag, a mirror, or a beacon of light. This honour recognises precisely this paradox.

The ceremony honoured Shaunette Renee Wilson, who made her debut in “Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny,” Charles Melton from “May December,” Tye Sheridan from “Black Flies,” and Ebrahimi. It wasn’t until this partnership between Cannes, Variety, and the Golden Globes that a ceremony honouring emerging stars was held.

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