Hollywood Trailers 2022-Wolf Pack, Ambush-Jan 19, 2023

Hollywood Trailers 2022-Wolf Pack, Ambush-Jan 19, 2023

1-Previews for the Wolf Pack trailer Drama Series Starring Sarah Michelle Gellar on Paramount+

The official Wolf Pack teaser for the new supernatural teen drama series on Paramount+ has been made available to the public, offering fans a sneak preview of the characters before the programme premieres on the streaming service on January 26.

Jason Ensler, Sarah Michelle Gellar, and Christian Taylor also serve as executive producers for Capital Arts, together with Joe Genier, Mike Elliott, and Karen Gorodetzky.

Hollywood Trailers 2022

2-Ambush Trailer Offers First Look at Vietnam War Film Directed by Jonathan Rhys Meyers

The first Ambush trailer for the upcoming Saban Films Vietnam War film, starring Jonathan Rhys Meyers and Aaron Eckhart, has been published.

The screenplay for Ambush was co-written by Mark Burman, Michael McClung, and Johnny Lozano. Aaron Eckhart, Connor Paolo, and Jonathan Rhys Meyers are its main actors. On February 24, the movie will be available both in cinemas and on video-on-demand.

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