Samsung Set to Unveil Impressive 83-Inch OLED TV in September

Samsung Set to Unveil Impressive 83-Inch OLED TV in September

Recent sources state that Samsung will introduce an 83-inch OLED TV in September of this year. According to SamMobile, the new television is anticipated to make use of an LG Display WRGB OLED panel.

For its next TV model, known as KQ83SC90A, Samsung has already finished compatibility registration at the National Radio Research Institute. Manufacturing, selling, and importing broadcasting and communication equipment, including televisions, all require this registration. A product typically makes its debut three months after this process is finished.

LG Display is the only manufacturer of 83-inch OLED panels at the moment, and both LG and Sony utilise them in their televisions. According to the source, Samsung will introduce its 83-inch OLED TV, making it the third company to offer this size of screen.

In other news, Samsung revealed earlier this month that its new line of OLED TVs would be available in India. The Neural Quantum Processor 4K in these TVs offers improved picture processing capabilities. The updated lineup also features the clever “EyeComfort Mode,” which automatically modifies the screen brightness in accordance with the ambient lighting. The TVs also feature wireless Dolby Atmos and OTS+ sound technology, which delivers immersive audio that dynamically follows objects on the screen, as well as a high 144Hz refresh rate for fluid motion.

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