Stagecoach 2023 Welcomes Back Country Legends Brooks & Dunn

Stagecoach 2023 Welcomes Back Country Legends Brooks & Dunn

Half of the renowned country music duo Brooks & Dunn, Ronnie Dunn, has stated that he has only hazy memories of their 2007 debut appearance at the Stagecoach Country Music Festival in Indio.

He is prepared to return to the three-day event at the Empire Polo Club, though, and will perform on Sunday, April 30, right before Chris Stapleton, the festival’s last headliner.

The crowds are so different out there than anywhere else, said Dunn, who was excited for the event and the distinctive ambiance of Californian audiences.In California, it’s party time, and the audiences there are genuine fans.

Even when they are not playing, Brooks & Dunn’s song is frequently covered by other musicians who have appeared at Stagecoach, making them a fixture there.

The goal of their music, according to Dunn, is to endure long after they cease performing.

The classic song by the duo, “Boot Scootin’ Boogie,” which helped reinvigorate line dancing in honky tonks and bars across the nation, is still played live in performances by more contemporary groups like Midland.

The song is commonly played in DJ Diplo’s performances, who this year is in charge of organising the Honky Tonk at Stagecoach.

Dunn commended the Stagecoach 2023 festival’s organisers and their attention to detail in producing diverse lineups year after year, despite his hazy memory of their first performance there.

Additionally, he expressed his enthusiasm for seeing ZZ Top perform on Friday, saying, “It’s not just another show, it’s a cultural event.”

At the Empire Polo Club in Indio, California, the Stagecoach 2023 festival will run from April 28 to 30.

General admission permits for three days are available for $429, and any-line shuttle passes are available for $70. On the Stagecoach 2023 festival’s website, you may find more details about tickets, parking, and buses.

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