Apple TV+ Announces New Show “Still Up” Trailer

Apple TV+ Announces New Show “Still Up” Trailer

The impending romantic comedy, “Still Up,” received its trailer from Apple TV+. Thomas and Roberts star as Lisa and Danny, two friends whose bond is unbreakable. Nighttime phone chats ensue when both parties are unable to sleep.

What’s “Still Up” About?
Lisa and Danny share a close bond and lack rest. At night, they converse extensively. They share in amusing and unconventional experiences together. September 22 marks the debut of the initial show. From that point forward, a new episode will premiere every Friday until October 27th.

Who Made “Still Up“?
The success of the show can be attributed to Burge and Walter. Bryce Hart joined forces with them on the project. With Thomas and Roberts included, other actors are: Blake Harrison, Lois Chimimba, Luke Fetherston, and Rich Fulcher.

Directed by John Addis and overseen by Paul Schlesinger and Phil Clarke, the project is underway. The show’s creation involved Apple TV and the contributions of Various Artists Limited and Arabella McGuigan.

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