February 5, 2023
Hollywood Trailers 2022

Hollywood Trailers 2022

Hollywood Trailers 2022-Silent Love Trailer, Superman & Lois Season 3

1-Polish Slamdance Documentary Previewed in the Silent Love Trailer

Watch the teaser for the acclaimed documentary Silent Love before it debuts in the United States on January 21 at Slamdance.

The film focuses on two women who fall in love in a small, historically conservative, and closed Polish hamlet.

For Silent Love, Marek Kozakiewicz served as the film’s director, writer, and cinematographer. Editors include Monument, Agata Cierniak, and Anna Garncarczyk. It has Bartosz Bludau’s music. Producers were Agnieszka Skalska and Agnieszka Dziedzic, with co-producers Alex and Ira Tondowski.

2-Previews of the Superman & Lois Season 3 trailer Return of The CW Series

The third season of the beloved series Superman & Lois, which will premiere on The CW on March 14, has a trailer. It provides us with a clear view of the stakes of the most recent season as well as Tyler Hochlin’s Clark Kent and Elizabeth Tulloch’s Lois Lane.

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